Vein-U Mobile Blood Draw

At home blood draw services

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Services we offer


Choose Vein-U Mobile Blood Draw because:

  • For all your lab work related needs, we come to you, and render our services in the comfort of your home
  • No waiting in busy lab or patient service centers
  • In this pandemic times, we ensure to adhere to all safety protocol

Physicians, Home Health Agencies and Hospice Care Providers

Choose Vein-U Mobile Blood Draw because:

  • Superlatively skilled in geriatric and pediatric collections
  • Vein-U Mobile Blood Draw's Quality Assurance division carefully ensures that we stay within state and federal guidelinesv
  • Submitting an order over the fax or email is made very easy & user-friendly
  • We will take specimens to your preferred laboratory, or if you don’t have one, we will ensure to send your specimens to a credible laboratory with good turnaround times
  • We are familiar with standing orders as well as PT/INR point of care

Physicians Servicing Pediatrics and Special Needs Patients

Choose Vein-U Mobile Blood Draw because:

  • We provide our phlebotomists with skilled training
  • Our phlebotomists provide empathy in a nurturing, caring environment

How it works?
Step 1

Receive doctor's prescription

Step 2

Schedule visit at home or work

Step 3

Complete specimen collection

Step 4

Discuss results with your doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

  • You book appointment with us by calling us at 518-386-8678.
  • You send us script/lab test prescription along with your insurance information for the lab to bill you for the tests.
  • Our expert phlebotomist perform the blood draw, centrifuge the specimen within the recommended timeframe and maintain a consistent temperature range till its delivered to the lab of your choice.
  • We deliver the blood work to your preferred lab.
  • Results: Your doctor shares the lab test results with you in the same manner as before. We take care of getting your blood specimens to the lab.

Who will perform my blood work?

We employ seasoned phlebotomists having vast experience performing blood draws, maintain confidentiality and deliver accurate specimen to the lab of your preference.

Payment Method

At this time, our services can only be purchased with cash, check, credit card, or a debit card.

Which laboratory do we send specimen to?

Laboratory of your choice in the capital region. We centrifuge the specimen within the specified timeframe and maintain a consistent temperature range.

Is it safe to allow phlebotomist at my home?

Totally. We perform stringent background checks against criminal records, licenses, education, and employment history. We are fully insured company.

Service Area

Currently, we serve the Capital Region.